Dive Club

Our dive club is aimed at ALL of our divers.

So if you freedive, spearfish, scuba dive for food or just for fun, our club is about diving and socializing with other divers.

Club evenings     The First Monday of every Month from 5.30pm  (Monday 3rd September)

We are setting up a club evening once a month after work from 5.30pm.  We will keep it low key, but hope for it to be a fun evening with a sausage sizzle style BBQ and a few drinks. 

We will look to book guest speakers to talk to you about diving related topics.  We may also have suppliers occasionally come to talk about new products.

Club dives

We go diving as much as we can, we organise regular trips on charter boats.  But what we also want is for you to join us when we go shore diving. 

When we run our Open Water courses, the Saturday is always 2 shore dives and depending on the weather we may be on the Coastline, in the harbour or at Kai Iwi Lakes. 

This is the perfect opertunity for you to join us for some free diving as there are no charter boat costs involved.  You just need your dive gear and a buddy.  We will give you a dive site brief and may even have a dive master or instructor along to dive with your buddy team.

Club benefits

If you pay to join the club, then you will get discounted rental gear rates when you dive with us.

Club fee rates is only applicable for gear rental, you do not need to be a club member to join our trips or club evenings. 

Annual Fee is $100.