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DIVE NOW, Whangarei's largest dedicated dive store. 


We are proud to be one of New Zealand's premier dive training, retail and servicing facilities.  Learning to dive with us means instruction and equipment of the highest standard.  All of our servicing of regulators, BCD's and cylinders is completed on-site.

We love being underwater ... if we are not in the shop, we are probably diving, either training divers or having fun taking photos, making videos, collecting seafood or just happy being wet exploring a reef or a wreck.

With our on-site pool, with full changing facilities, not only is your comfort and convenience assured when you are training with us, if you are shopping you can try out new equipment before you commit to buying.  Our staff and instructors have an extensive knowledge of diving, the marine environment and, of course, diver safety.

In store we stock what we believe to be the best freedive and scuba equipment available by some of the biggest and most-trusted brands - Apeks, Aqualung, Beuchat, Fourth Element, Light & Motion, Mares, OMS, Rob Allen, Scubapro and Shearwater. We have access to many more brands, so if there's something specific you want, just ask us.

Situated in Whangarei, Northland, where we are lucky enough to have a healthy harbour and stunning coastline on our door step.   We are 30 minutes' drive from Tutukaka, the gateway to the beautiful Poor Knights Islands - rated by Jacques Cousteau as one of the world's top ten diving destinations - while 60 minutes' drive will have you in the Bay of Islands, known for its undeveloped beaches and game fishing.  We are proud to offer you the opportunity to discover what we have made a part of our lives!

Dive Now is owned by local girl Jamie-Lee, who is a born and bred Whangarei Girl, (Whangarei Girls High) and Simon from London, UK who has always had the travel bug and finally made it to New Zealand in 2011.  Since then almost every second weekend has been spent in Whangarei either with family or diving the Poor Knights, Bay of Islands and other local Northland dive spots.  In March 2018, the oppertunity to take over and improve Whangarei's oldest dedicated dive store came up.  Since then we have been dedicated to making it into the one stop shop for dive.

PADI Enriched Air Nitrox Course $250

Or just $180 if combined with a PADI Advanced Open Water course or PADI Deep Diver course

Stay down longer with PADI's Enriched Air Nitrox Course

Nitrogen, you learned about it as an Open Water Diver, then again as an Advanced Open Water diver you started to see how it really affects you and your allowable bottom times (NDL - No Decompression Limits). Well why not reduce the amount of nitrogen we breathe?

Diving on Air (21% - Oxygen - O2 / 79% Nitrogen N2) to 18m, you can potentially stay for up to 56 minutes if you have enough air in your cylinders. In comparison to Enriched Air Nitrox x32 (EANx32)  (32% O2 / 68% N2) where you can stay for up to 95 minutes and on 36% for up to 126 Minutes.

Go a little deeper on air (21% O2) to 25m (say on the Northland's Canterbury or Waikato wrecks or many of the sites at the Poor Knights Islands) and you can stay for upto 28 mins. But on EANx32 (32% O2) you can stay for up to 40 minutes and on EANX36 (O2 36%) for up to 50 minutes.  

Is it starting to make sense yet? Now add in the cost of a charter and the time you spend underwater and the training will be well worth it.

So to dive on "Nitrox" you just need to complete the PADI Enriched Air Nitrox course with us.  This involves reading the PADI manual and then attending an evening of theory here in the classroom.   We will plan some dives of different depths using different EANx mixes to decide which mix will be the best for that dive and practise analysing scuba cylinders containing EANx. .

Here in New Zealand, you are also required by Worksafe to complete two Nitrox dives with your instructor. We can complete these "FUN" dives on any of our Poor Knights Islands or Bay of Islands trips. Note the cost of these trips is not included in the course cost.

PADI Enriched Air Nitrox Course


PADI Enriched Air NITROX Course Diver on the Canterbury Wreck learning to dive with Dive Now Whangarei

Cost: $250 | 1 day theory session | 2 "Fun" dives with your Instructor (charter fees are not included in course costs)

Cost includes all PADI training, certification and study materials. Any specialist equipment will be provided for the duration of the course.


  • PADI Openwater Diver or equivalent

Before you start the course:

  • Before you start the course you must read the PADI Enriched Air Dive manual and complete the Knowledge Reviews.  You'll be pleased to know that there is no Final Exam on this course.
  • You have to fill out a medical questionnaire to check whether you are fit to dive.
  • Ideally you'll train using your own equipment but we do have equipment available in our school if required.

Transportation is not provided by Dive Now Whangarei, but we do our best to help organise car pooling to the dive sites.