Masks for different face shapes

Finding the right mask for you!

We're on a mission to find the right fitting masks for different face shapes.  Obviously the best way to see if a mask fits is to try it on but sometimes this isn't always possible. 

So what we've done is started to compile a list of masks for different face shapes.  We basically get everyone to try on all of the masks that we have on the shelf and pick their favorite, top 3 and then list the other masks that also fit (but didn't make the top 3).

Let us know if you have a face shape that is unique and even send us a pic and we'll see if one of our customers also has a similar shaped face to recommend one to you.

Round face with a big brow and nose bridge (quite hard to describe some of these shapes)

Richard Round Face 2  Meet Richard.   


When trying on masks Richard found that quite a few of the 2 lens masks pressed in on his brow.  His favorite mask was the Scubapro Frameless mask which had the best fit and great field of vision.

 Scubapro Frameless Mask

These masks followed closely behind the Scubapro Frameless mask:

Beuchat Maxlux Mask (which we are finding is fitting nearly all of our customers)

Seac X Frame Mask

Scubapro Solo Mask

Richard also found the following masks to fit fine as well.

Scubapro Zoom Evo Mask

Scubapro Spectra Mask

Quest M11 Mask


Narrow Face (with quite a big nose .... sorry Simon)

Simon Narrow Face 2  Meet Simon.

After trying on the masks Simon found that quite a few masks were too big and wide to fit his face.  However, he had two clear favorites:

Scubapro Spectra Mask

Beuchat Maxlux Mask

Whilst not his absolute favorite he also found that the Scubapro Zoom Evo Mask fit quite nicely as well.

Small Face 

JL Small Face 2  Meet JL.

When JL first started diving (many many years ago) she went through 4 masks until she found one that finally fit her petite face without leaking.  Masks however have come a long way and there are quite a few that she is now happy to wear.  Many of the masks she tried were just too big and she couldn't get a perfect seal but there were a definite 3 that fit perfectly.

Beuchat X Contact II Mini Mask

Scubapro Sepctra Mini Mask

Beuchat Maxlux Mask (it suprises us that the Maxlux can fit small, round and narrow faces but the silicone is so soft that it seems to mould to most face shapes).


So the mask that fit us all and the mask that we find fits 90% of our customers is the Beuchat Maxlus Mask.  We use this for Scuba and Freediving (as it has a reasonably low volume and great field of view).  And it comes in a variety of colours which is nice!

Beuchat Maxlux Mask Blue 

Remember if you get a mask from us and it doesn't fit then simply return it back to us and we can swap it out for another one, easy peasy!