Hiring a self drive boat for the day from Tutukaka

Want to hire a Self Drive small boat for the day?

Diving - Fishing - Water skiing or just Cruising the bays.   

Ann & Guy at Poor Knights Boat Hire do exactly that.  

Poor Knights Boat Hire


We met them in Tutukaka in October and the 5 of us went out for half a day along the Tutukaka coast for a dive and some R&R.  Simon got to take the helm and took us along the coast to Whale Bay, where we anchored up for the morning.  Guy and Simon went for a dive, Ann and JL fished and young Finn happily played around the boat knowing his mum had decided to stay top side with him.

Ann and Guy have a 5.6m Stabicraft 1850 Supercab with 115 HP Yamaha motor, which is a great size for the average family or group of friends.  With 3 divers on board, fishing gear, camera gear and childrens toys it was just the right size.  Like with all small vessels, the key is being tidy and organised.  The dive equipment takes up the room, but we comfortably had 6 cylinders on board plus 3 lots of dive gear.

To rent the boat is just $450 a day (plus fuel).  That's only $112.50 each if 4 of you go and then you can go where ever you want to.  Along the coast, out to the Poor Knights or to an off shore reef.

Stabicraft are the world's best designed aluminium chambered boats for business and leisure. Pioneers of positive buoyancy life-ring protection. Three air tight chambers surround the hull making Stabicraft almost unsinkable.

The extra shelter of the supercab means you can go further for longer in comfort for a day long fishing adventure on the Tutukaka Coast or diving at the Poor Knights Islands.


A few shots from the day.

Poor Knights Boat Hire 4

Poor Knights Boat Hire 5


Poor Knights Boat Hire 6


Poor Knights Boat Hire 9