Why have your gear serviced? It is your life support system keeping you safe whilst diving!!!

It can also spoil a great day (or holiday) if your equipment lets you down when you are at the dive site.

Most quality manufacturers recommend a full service annually or every second year depending on the usage with an inspection by a trained technician on the year in between a full service.  We call that inspection a Check & Tune.

A full service involves your regulators being stripped down, cleaned, all internal O rings, filters and other parts supplied in the manufacturers service kit replaced, including new O rings on the hoses.  They are then rebuilt and tested and tuned on our test station according to the manufacturers guidelines to ensure safe and reliable performance from your equipment.

If your regulators need more parts to make them safe, such as new hoses or mouth pieces, then we will do this during the service or Check & Tune.

We are an Authorised Mares Lab Service Centre, as well as a service centre for quality brands such as Apeks, Aqualung and Scubapro, Regulators, BCD's and Gauges. This enables us to provide you with a high level of customer service and good turnaround times as servicing happens here on site Tuesday to Thursday.  It can take a few days (especially in the lead up to the summer holidays and the start of Scallop season), so plan ahead and drop your equipment off early to ensure it will be ready for your next dive trip. 

Not all manufacturers offer the quality support that we recieve from Aqualung, Apeks and Scubapro when it comes to accessing service parts.  If this is the case, we will do our best to get your service kit in a timely manner, but we are at the suppliers mercy here.

Costs vary due to parts and labour required.

A full service can take about 1.5 to 2 hours for a set of regulators if all goes smoothly.   A check and tune can take around 45 minutes.

As with all servicing, the cost varies depending on what parts are required. Servicing prices include labour and service kits only. There is a standard labour charge of half an hour per stage. Prices are subject to change depending on the internal condition of each stage and its contents. We can provide estimates prior to the repair starting if required.

With a "Check & Tune", we are looking to see that the hoses, mouth pieces & exhaust diaphragm are intact and then we put your regulators onto our testing panel to check the internal working pressures and breathing pressures are as the manufacturers recommend. Some minor adjustments can be made to some quality regulators.  If they cannot then we may recommend a Full Service is performed.

Many quality brands have balanced/over balanced regulators that can begin to free flow if upside down.  This is how they are designed.  They normally have an adjustable Venturi that can be put into a pre-dive mode that prevents this.

A Check & Tune costs $45.

A full service cost $220, but can vary. 

Based on 1 x 1st stage, 2 x 2nd stages and SPG

Please do not be offended if we cannot service your gear.  

Older pieces of equipment may no longer be supported by the manufacturer and so we do not have access to parts.  This is also true for some more modern cheaper brands availabilty in NZ.  Some cheaper brands we will not service.

Services we provide

    • Regulator Servicing 
    • BCD Servicing
    • Spear Gun Rigging
    • Gauge Checks
    • Computer Battery Changes - Not all computers batteries can be changed on site.

Please contact us if you have a query or need your equipment serviced, alternatively come down and see our great staff.